Medicinal herbal supplement with anticancer and metastasis suppression properties  based on biotechnological methods



According to conducted researches, cancer with causing more than 11 million deaths per year, is the second main cause of death in the world that it will be estimate to increase 16 million deaths per year by 2020.

The high cost of treatment, express need to develop alternative strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Since almost 90 percent of the people in developing countries, mostly follow of the use of the medicine in the treatment of diseases and health promotion, and the basic point is that research and scientific findings based medicine has led to the discovery of at least 88 new drugs, the use of supplements based on scientific findings and interdisciplinary tools plays a major role in the spread of the use of medicines and supplements and practical treatments and cost-effective disease such as cancer.

Accordingly, the present production scheme is intended to supplement samples immune stimulant drug with anti-cancer properties and inhibition of metastasis of natural resources that it is produced by biotechnology methods.

Due to the fact that the supplements in addition to being alone anti-cancer, prevent cancer, simulate immune system and inhibit metastasis (statistics indicate a decrease of 7.6% to 23.1% for metastasis during cancer progression compared to other similar drugs in the community patients), and increased life expectancy in cancer patients .This product is recommended to use a range of other anticancer drugs during chemotherapy and radiation therapy to enhance the anti-cancer properties and reduce the side effects of existing methods.

The production of this product in the form of bio similar can be played a significant role in community health promotion, in side of the growth of the economics of the relevant industries (because the prototype used in the manufacture of this product is found on the native of Iran), exchange and economic self-sufficiency.

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