Medicinal herbal supplement with anti-diabetic and metabolism regulation properties



Diabetes mellitus is disease metabolic threatening and lowering half of life which adverse effects on the function of vital body as a whole is considerable. at least 30 million people worldwide are affected with this disease that these statistics with the increasing rate of new infections, introduced diabetes as one of the main diseases reducing life expectancy in developing countries and developed. In addition to increased mortality, diabetes is the main cause of adult blindness, kidney failure, gangrene, neuropathy, heart attack, and stroke in human societies.

The high cost of treatment, express need to develop alternative strategies for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and other metabolic disease.

Since almost 90 percent of the people in developing countries, mostly follow of the use of the traditional medicine and medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and health promotion. The basic point is that research and scientific findings based traditional medicine has led to the discovery of at least 88 new drugs. The use of plant supplements based on findings and interdisciplinary scientific tools plays a major role in the spread of the use of drugs and plant supplements and practical treatments and cost-effective disease such as diabetes.

Accordingly, this product as an herbal medicinal supplement formulation with anti-diabetic properties, heart disease and metabolic regulation and maps out chemical analysis determines the nature, control of quality and quantity of the prepared sample from plant extracts of indigenous and comparison with the samples produced by the original company, be introduced.

These growing statistics diabetes and other metabolic diseases in Iran and developed and developing countries, as well as the properties of medicinal herbal supplement the against heart disease and impressive statistics in the catching the disease, formulation of this supplement can play an important role in society health promotioninal side of the growth of the economics of the relevant industries(because the primary herb used in the manufacture of this product is to be cultivated in Iran)،exchange and economic self-sufficiency.

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