Software for mimetic drugs designing with suitable bio-pharmaceutical properties




Nowadays "in silico” in drug design based research program, refers to experiments with computational tools. This word is used next to the common words in vivo and in vitro and therefore as a complementary method used to measure the composition. Bioinformatic and chemoinformatics by using computer tools analysis in silico environment are provided for researchers understanding and image with maximum of similarity of the cellular facts, tissues and ultimately complete system of an organism by analyzing the basic information. 11% of new compounds which are introduced with traditional methods as drug candidates meet the clinical application stage. The use of chemoinformatics based new methods helps to drug discovery process and provides drug candidates with the bright clinical future.

Application / product application:

1. This software is designed based on in silico methods to provide the placebo new compounds with every desired therapeutic properties or biological capability in addition to the optimization of existing pharmaceutical compounds.

2. Build and provide the software with the license, is a big step in order to overcome the problems and the existing sanctions of related research and considerable help to the researchers and related industries of design and drug build is done.

3. The provision and use of this software bundle or web-based service is possible.

4. The saftware saves the cost and required time in the design and construction of drug new compounds in silico or plays a significant role in optimization of existing compounds.

5. Since in this software, without pharmacophore model for drug ligand, it is possible to design a drug ligand based on cellular and molecular targets.

6. Since in this software, the stage of definition of the position of the interaction has been removed, the operator to extend the pharmaceutical ligand, limit to any specific position, and can be used during the following potential position on a spread.

7. The used operator in this process is random search capabilities and the ability to start its search from an initial core.

8. The user can determine pharmacokinetic imposed provisions with a major role in achieving the chemical structure of the drug compound.

9. The data structure used to display and manipulates structures during the development of molecular and it is easy to operate.

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